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Ben Higgins Realty & Auction Co., LLC
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Ben A. Higgins, Auctioneer & Broker
Ben F. Higgins, Auctioneer • Brad Higgins, Auctioneer

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Dick & Marian Blair, Prospect, OH

Easy to see why you folks are always sooo… busy. Our family will always be happy to give a reference!...

Roy & Joan Klingel, Waldo, OH

You certainly know how to run a good auction and you are an outstanding auctioneer! What a good family operation!

Fahey Bank, Marion, OH

Fahey Bank wants to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us at the auction. You and your...

Milred Wenig, LaRue, OH

Just a few line to tell you what a fine job you did on the Wenig auction. All the family...

Bruce Long, Loveland, OH

I heard the excellent news of the auction results for Mom and Dad’s house! Thank you for your good marketing.