Began: 11/03/18 at 9:00 AM EDT
Location: Richwood Independent Fairgrounds, 1 Gill St., Richwood, OH 43344

Located: Richwood Independent Fairgrounds, 1 Gill St. Richwood, Ohio 43344

Selling due to the passing of my late husband George, he was a former Dairy Farmer and attended several auctions over the years.

MILK BOTTLE COLLECTION-MILKER PUMP-DAIRY RELATED-SAD IRON COLLCTIONS-ANTIQUES (SELLS FIRST): (45) Milk bottles to include Delaware Milk, Isaly’s, All Jerry, Isaly Swiss Dairy Men, Windale Farms Galena, Irvin Holmes, Cleggo Marysville, East View King, Oscar Case Delaware, Jersey Creamery Michigan, etc.; (11) Delavel Souvenir tin adv. cows being (6) Jerseys, (3) Guernseys, (2) Holsteins and some w/Skim Milk baby calf w/orig. envelope packages; Holstein fresion & Guernsey Assoc. odel cows; Yorkshire sow wood model;  approx. (20) milk bottles w/no name in (2) carriers; Milkcan shaped wood wall adv. thermo. “John Dodge milk hauler” Marysville; Raymond Cream Co. yardstick; Borden wood milk crate; (2) milk cans & s.s. bucket; wood cow stanchion; 1917 Delavel calendar; (2) Delaware Milk Co. 1940 1952 calendars; cow tattoo outfit; a few cow holsters; Coop “The Universal Milker” vacuum pump machine w/elect. motor; (49) Sad irons including trivets, 1-brass oriental and 1- #4 Tailor; (5) crocks including 6 & 5 gal.; (10) stone jugs up to 5 gal.; (2) Daisey glass butter churns; and other items.

ANVIL-COLLECTIBLES: Kohlswa Sweden 18½” anvil horn, approx. 50 lb.; (2) stilyards; hanging scales; Crown Bottling, Delaware wood case; spittoon; a few Delaware & (1) Prospect postcards; Miller Impl. JD bullet pencil; ice tongs; glass pickle jar; casr iron pots; school desk; 5-6 mach. manuals; old kitchen utensils; sev. glass insulators; hat pin holder w/9 pins; Fenton & misc. glass; old 10 cal adv. yardsticks to include N.I. picker; political buttons; etc.

LARGE ANTIQUE CLOCK COLLECTION (PICTS. & CATALOG ON WEBSITE) SELLS AT  APPROX. 11:00: Wm. L. Gilbert model #5-D w/back, 8 day strike; 11 x 9½ mantle w/key; Ansonia “Savoy” 8 day time & strike; Ansonia kitchen  w/key; Ansonia “Beaver” walnut kitchen clock w/key, 8 day time & strike; Graham Co. “Seneca”  w/key; E. Ingraham “Cillia” w/key; Waterbury kitchen clock w/key; Wm. L. Gilbert “Calla” w/key; Atkins “London” shelf clock  in walnut 16¾ x 12¾ w/key; Gilbert small shelf  w/wind up alarm; kitchen w/key; walnut Ansonia “Alaska” kitchen clock w/key; New Haven 23 x 14¾ w/key; walnut Seth Thomas 23 x 15 kitchen clock w/key; oak Ansonia “Hudson” 22 x 14 w/key; Sessions mantle 13½ x 11½ w/key; Ansonia 21½ x 12 wall w/key; Sessions 26½ x 18 wall w/key; Gilbert 37 ½ x 19, 31 day wall w/key; Seth Thomas mantle  w/key; New Haven 14 ½ x 14; Waterbury “Dabney” 8 day w/key; oak E. Ingraham “Topaz” w/key; walnut New Haven w/key; walnut E. N. Welch “Handel” w/key; Waterbury “Moris” w/key; Waterbury “Gates” 8 day w/key; Seth Thomas shelf w/key; Seth Thomas shelf w/Lion handles and key; Gold small decorative cherub wind up; Gold small metal wind up; Seth Thomas mantle w/key; Session 9½ x 9½ mantle  w/key; Seth Thomas 11 x 8½ mantle w/key; 16 ½ x 18 ½ clock (glass dome missing); Seth Thomas 33 x 18½ Ogee 8 day crank; Waterbury “Harlem” w/key (detached front glass); Seth Thomas w/key; Ogee 26 x 15½ made and sold by Chauncery Jerome; Ogee 32½ x 16; oak Waterbury “spencer” w/key; Waterbury “Brightham” w/key, detached face; Seth Thomas 10 x 9 shelf w/key; Ansonia 12½ x 11 white and pink flowered shelf; green Ansonia 9 x 11½ shelf; Seth Thomas Adamantine mantle w/key;  E. Ingraham 21 ½ x 14 ½  “Orion” w/key; Gilbert “Ivy” w/key; Wm. Gilbert w/key and alarm; Ingraham 10 ½ x 16 w/key; Seth Thomas 11 ½ x 17 w/key; Seth Thomas 11 x 16 ½; Seth Thomas 16 x 10 ¾ “Classified Revised”  w/key; E. Ingraham 22 x 14 ½ “Mars” w/key; E. Ingraham 27 ½ x 12 ¾ oak mission style wall; Session 12 ½ x 15 ½ mantle w/key; Welch 11 ½ x 16 ¾ mantle; Ingraham 10 x 15 ¾ mantle w/key; Domed 16 ¼ x 11 ½ horse and jockey, glass dome cracked; Seth Thomas 9 ¾ x 7 ¼ w/key; Gilbert 17 ½ x 19 ½  “Winsted Gothis Extra”; Seth Thomas 11 x 16 ½ mantle w/key; Seth Thomas 10 ½ x 16 mantle; Sessions 10 ½ x 15 mantle w/key; E. N. Welch 17 ½ x 11 “Peerless VP” w/key; Wm. Gilbert 20 ½ x 11 “Argus” w/key; Waterbury w/key; E. Ingraham 29 ½ x 14 ½ “Violet” w/key; E. N. Welch 22 ½ x 15 w/key; Ansonia 20 ¾ x 11 ¼ w/key; Unknown 13 ½ x 12 ¼ w/key; E.N. Welch 20 ¾ x 13 ¾ “Roze” w/key; E. N. Welch (copy) 20 ¼ x 13 ½ “Patti”; Atmos 9 x 8 ¼ x 6 ½; German Anniversary clock; (2) Mission styles wall w/key; Wall w/key; Ansonia 10 ¾ x 13 cast iron mantle w/key, Ram’s head handles & claw feet; 15 x 19 ¼ time & date w/key; Wm. Gilbert 22 x 14 w/key; Mission style 13 x 25;

EARLY GRANDFATHER CLOCKS (SELLS @ 11:30): Early to mid 1800’slong case 8′ grandfather clock w/carved flame finish, broken arch pediment, dovedtailed hood cabinet with columns, floral painted 13″ wude  x 18 1/2″ h wood face, 3 hands, 2 lead weights, pendulum, trunk door, believed to be walnut case, originally set in the old former Hughes (Heil) Funeral Home, Marion, in working condition (consigned from Snare home); Late 1800’s tall case (84”H x 18”W)grandfather clock, metal face, 2hands, pendulum, 2 windups.

AUCTION NOTE: At the conclusion of Fairgrounds portion of auction @ 3:30 we will move auction to Price residence @ 5591 St. Rt. 37 Ostrander, OH 43061, the (old grocery store point) at corner of Houseman Rd. and 37 and sell the following listed below

GARAGE & HOUSEHOLD: Oak sleigh bed; iron bed; oak buffet; vint. buffalo drill press; Lincoln 225 welder; 6” bench vise; Crafts. port. air compressor; pipe vise; bolt bin w/hardware; wheelbarrow; 24’ alum. and set of wood ext. ladders; log chains; stack on lumber; refrig.; elect. range; old grocery store cooler; household stands; hand tools; misc. items;


OWNER: Mrs. Judy Price

Ben A. Higgins, Broker & Auctioneer

Ben F. Higgins, Realtor & Auctioneer, Brad Higgins, Auctioneer


TERMS: Cash, check, VISA/MasterCard w/driver’s license. 4% Buyer’s Premium waivedfor cash or check. Statements made day of auction take precedence over printed material. Concession Available. Join our email list today!


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