Began: 11/08/18 at 5:00 PM EST
Location: 4600 Harding Highway E, State Route 309, Sunny Acres Barn, Caledonia, OH 43314

Located: Sunny Acres Square Dance Barn, 4600 Harding Hwy E. (SR 309) Caledonia, Oh 43314, 5 mi. E. of Marion

Owners name is being withheld for security purposes until day of auction. A super good quality firearms auction, all like new. You wont be disappointed!



(50) FIRARMS (SELLS FIRST): PISTOLS: FN Herstal five-seven 5.7X28; Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm; Magnum Research Desert Eagle 50AE, chrome: Sig Sauer “OSHP Service” P226  40 cal; Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry ll 40 cal; Ruger Mark lll Target  22L, chrome; Ruger LCP .380 cal; Taurus PT-25; Bond Arms Snake Slayer 45 Colt 410 Shotgun; Sig Sauer P232 9mm; Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm; Glock 23 40 Cal; Springfield 1911 45ACP; Iwi Uzi Pistol 22 LR; USFA Zip 22LR; Walther  P22 22LR; Ruger Lite 22/45 22L w/scope; REVOLVERS: Ruger Super Red Hawk .44 mag, chrome w/scope; Stoeger-Uberti Scholfield 44-40; North American Arms 22 LR-22 mag, mini chrome; Will Penny Commemorative 45 Colt, chrome; Ruger LCR 38 Special + P; Chiapa Rhino 200 DS .357 mag; Stoeger– Uberti 45 Colt, chrome; Ruger Security-Six “0SHP Golden Anniversary” .357 mag, chrome; Taurus “Judge” 410 Shotgun-45 Colt; Stoeger-Uberti Buntline  357 cal w/extra long barrel; Uberti Evil Roy 45 Colt; Ruger New Valquero 45 Colt, chrome w/pearl grips; Rossi 38 Special; Smith & Wesson 32L; S&W 500 mag, 50 mag, chrome; Ruger Model Six-Ten 22LR, chrome; RIFLES & LONG GUNS: Walther G22 22 LR; Ruger 10/22 22LR w/scope; Ruger 10/22 Takedown 22LR; Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22P 22LR w/scope; Thompson Tommy Gun 45ACP; Henry Golden Boy 357/38 Special, lever action; Remington 870 12 ga, pump; Vepr–12, 12 ga w/scope; Smith & Wesson M&P 15 5.56/223 w/scope; Utas 15, 12 ga; Mossberg Chainsaw 12 ga; Kel-Tec PLR 16 223/5.56; Beretta CX4 Storm 45ACP w/scope; Ruger U.S. Survival 22 cal; Commemorative Henry Golden Boy 45-70; Ruger Takedown Charger 22LR w/scope. AIR GUN: Benjamin Pellet Gun .177 w/scope; .

SAFES-AMMO & RELATED: (2) Gun Safes; Handgun Safe (NIB); Cal of Ammo, 22lr – 22 mag – 25cal – 32L – 380 – 38spl – 410ga – 357MAG – 44 MAG – 44/40 – 45 auto – 45 colt – 45/70 – 223 –  50ae – 500 S&W; (4) boxes fo 6.5 Jap; (80) rounds of 7.62 x 51 (308); Box of (20) & (44) 303 British; (8) boxes of 7.5 Swiss (10 rounds ea.); (6) boxes of 35 Remington; (3) boxes of .300 Win. Mag; (3) boxes of 7mm Mauser; Box of  30-30 Win;  bag of 70 rounds of 8mm; (6) Bandelaros for 8mm (70 rounds ea.); Browning Sheathed Knife; New Ruger Lock; (16) Plastic Ammo Boxes; Coffee Can of asst. Brass; Long Rifle Soft Case; (250) Targets; (6) Jars of Tannerite Explosive Targets; (2) Gun and Ammo Bags; (2) Back Packs; (2) 45 Colt Revolver Gun Holster Rigs; Shoulder Holster; Lg. Cal Holster Rig; (7) Asst. Holsters; Ankel Holster: (2) Belt Mag holders; 50 Round 223 Mag; Sm. 45 Colt Belt Holder; Hunting Boots size 9 (Worn 4 Times); Heavy Camo Hunting Outfit size Lg. (Worn Twice); Light Weight Hunting Outfit size Lg. (Worn Twice); (02) Safe Dehumidifiers; (2) High Decibal Door Stop Alarms; Bag of Ear & Eye Protection; NYX Sport Shooting Glasses w/3 Interchangable Colored Lenses; Multi Purpose Belt Pouch; Tool NRA Guide to Basics of Pistol Shooting (book); New Crafts. Tool Box of  Std. and Metric Sockets, Ratchets & Wrenches.  

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Ben A. Higgins, Broker & Auctioneer

Ben F. Higgins Realtor & Auctioneer

Brad Higgins, Auctioneer



TERMS & Conditions: Must be 18 yrs of age to purchase a long gun and be 21 to purchase hand gun with no felony record and not be under any disability in terms of owning firearms. No out of state buyers! Cash, Check, VISA/ MasterCard w/driver’s license. Everything sold as-is and all sales final. 4% Buyer’s Premium waived for cash or check.  Statements made day of auction take precedence over printed material. Concessions & Restrooms Available.


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Ben Higgins Realty & Auction Co., LLC


1210 Harding Hwy W. (SR 309) Marion, OH 43302

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