All guns and items are from Mr. Vaughn’s personal collection



Began: 12/07/13 at 12:30 PM EST
Location: 4600 Harding Hwy E. (SR 309), Sunny Acres Square Dance Barn, Caledonia, OH 43314



Located: 4600 Harding Hwy. E. (St. Rt. 309) @ Sunny Acres Square Dance Barn,         Caledonia, Ohio 43314.

All guns and items are from Mr. Vaughn’s personal collection


LONG GUNS: Mauser Modelco Argentino 1891 by Loewe Berlin; Winc. mod. 67A, 22  S-L-LR bolt action; Savage 240, series N, 22-20 ga., over/under; (2) Winc. model 94 .32 Winc. special lever action; Winc. 74, 22 short stock end load; Winc. 1903 stock load; Win. heavy hex barrel, 32 cal., lever action, pat. Oct. 7,1879; Winc. 54, 30-06 Govt’s bolt action w/peep sight; Winc.1902, 22 S-L-LR; Ranger 22 S-L-LR, M34, bolt action ; Savage bolt action, 22 LR training rifle, pat. 1917; King Nitro Central Arms hex barrel, 22 S-L-LR pump; U.S. 12 ga. w/ducks; W.H. Hamilton 12 ga., dbl. barrel, coach gun w/ Wells Fargo 25 Express 1891, tag on stock; U.S. Arms 10 ga., Rolling Block w/ U.S. Indian Police, Standing Rock Indian Agency, Indian U.S Police 1889 tag; U.S. P&E W. Blake, New Haven 1829 muzzleloader w/Ohio GC markings on stock; 1917 Spandall German Mauser 8mm rifle; old muzzle loader flint lock w/wood ramrod; Sovereign  SM84, 22 cal., LR training rifle; Sears 25 semi auto 22 rifle; J Steven, pat. 1906, No. 80, 25 cal, pump rifle;  Savage pat. 1917, 22 LR, clip fed bolt action training rifle; Daisy mod. 2202, 22 cal. LR only w/hex barrel & Daisy 4×15 scope; Springfield  mod. 15, bolt action 22 S-L-LD rifle; J. Stevens partial hex barrel, lever action, pat. 1894 22 L.R. rifle (bad stock); Sears 101, 12 ga. bolt w/poly choke; J. Stevens, pat. April 17, 1894, 22 LR, lever action; Wards Westernfield .22 390B SLR bolt rifle; Mossberg 385T, 20 ga., bolt; New England Partner SB1, 12 ga. single; Stevens  25 cal. single lever action, pat. 1894; The White Powder Wonder 12 ga., single; Fore Hand Arms Co. Mass., 12 ga., pat. 1881; Stevens , 22 LP lever action, pat. 1894; Wards Westernfield 04M-215A, 20 ga., bolt no clip; J.J. Weston made by Henri Pieper of Leige Belgium, imported 1890-1914, 12 ga. dbl. barrel 32” nickel; Flobert .22 oct. barrel breach loading riffle; Flobert .22 oct. barrel rifle; Kentucky ½ stock muzzle loader , 60 cal. w/patch box; Early Flintlock muzzle loader w/steel ramrod (no markings); Price 12 ga. shotgun (missing fore stock); U.S.  Springfield 4570 rolling block muzzle loader, bayonet w/1899 Ohio Nat. Guard discharge paper George B Parisen, Corporal SpanISH-Amer. War;

HAND GUNS: German N Peiper  Patent Oesterr. Waffenfabrik-Ges Steye, semi auto pistol; German Duo 6.35 cal. auto pistol; German Pistolt auto, 7.65 cal. Brevete mod. D w/holster; German Haenel mod. 28 air gun, luger type; German Mauser, 7.65 cal. Waffenfabrik A.G. Oberndorf Anl Mauser Patent, semi auto pistol; German AVF 43 flare pistol; German Fabrique Nationale De Guerre Aerstal Belgique, Browning’s patent depose w/holster; German Luger 1912 w/holster all matching No’s but wood end clips; German P38 6039C. AC 44, some replaced parts w/orig. holster & 2 clips; Pin Fire revolver less ejector pin; Defender 88 revolver; Harrington & Richards Arms Co., pat. Oct. , 1895, 32 S&W CTGE revolver; Hopkins & Allen Co., pat. Jan. 5, 1888, XL8 dbl. action, 32 cal. center fire revolver; S&W revolver; Pocket Pencil flare pistol w/flare; U.S. Porp., Pat. pend. Bal. 10 ga. flare pistol; Colt auto, 22 cal., L.R. pre woodsman pistol;  2012 Colt Legacy Tribute 45ACP Commemorative .45 cal. pistol w/case, 1 of 300; 2011 S&W Elvis Presley mod. 686 TCB, .357 Commemorative  revolver w/case, 1 of 500;

AIR GUNS:  (2) Daisy mod. 40 Red Ryder BB guns; Crossman A-I-R 17 air gun; Daisy Powerline 35 camo. air gun w/scope;  Marksman mod. 1752, 0177 cal. pellet gun; Daisy  mod. 1894 air gun; Crossman Powmaster 760 pump air gun;

KNIVES & BAYONETS: Jacobs Oregon knives TT420 stag handle hatchet; U.S. 1918 WWI trench knife; Case  XX butcher knife w/case & stone; Rem. Bow Hunter Ltd. Ed. pocket knife w/case, 1 of 200,000; Soligen Germany Nude Lady Sheather dagger; Machete  w/dbl. leather sheath; Reproduction  CSA Civil War sword S. Douglas, S.C.; Cane dagger w/King Cobra’s; Cane dagger w/Horse Head; training rifle w/sling; socket type bayonet, orig. FAL w/plastic scabbard; orig. Austrian M95 Steyr mannlicher bayonet; (2) U.S. bayonets; approx. (100) asst. pocket & sheath knives, makers include Schrade, Case, Barlow, Remington, Utica, Imperial, Tree Brand, etc.

COLLECTIBLES & RELATED: pistol cross bow; misc. beer adv. signs; 1960’s pr. of Burger Home Fun Bottle wall lights.; pr. of Bud. wall lamps; Bud. Cydesdale hitch clock; army truck; gun cases; old Civil Defense helmet; metal ammo boxes; misc. ammo (sev. antiques); frosted glass 5 gun cabinet ; gun cleaning kit; Calvary  wood stenciled box; Clipper WWI medical Sept. USA metal case; trolling motor; China Big Chance coin oper. slot machine; Danforth Constellation boat compass; kids Hunter baseball ceiling fan; Case Twin Finn sheriffs knife set; round Miller Lite bottle light w/blow around snow flakes (nice); misc. belt buckles;

OWNER: Mr. Barry Vaughn


Ben A. Higgins, Broker & Auctioneer

Ben F. Higgins, Auctioneer/Brad Higgins, Auctioneer


TERMS: NO BUYERS PREMIUM!! Cash, check, VISA/MasterCard w/driver’s license. . Statements made day of auction take precedence over printed material. Food concessions available. Join our free email list today!


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